FAQ Extended Banking

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  • Is Extended Banking integrated in Dynamics 365 or does it work separately?Extended Banking is completely integrated in Dynamics 365 and works in the known user interface.
  • Which bankaccount statement formats can be processed by Extended Banking?Standard, Extended Banking can process MT940 and CAMT.053 files.
  • My bank does not offer MT940 or CAMT.053 downloads. Can Extended Banking process other bankstatement formats?So called plugins for other bankstatement formats can be developed by Broad horizon on request.
  • We have multiple bank accounts at the same bank, for which we download consolidated bankstatements. Can those be processed as well?Also consolidated bank statements can be processed by Extended Banking smoothly. Processing is carried out over multiple company accounts automatically when applicable.
  • Can electronic bankstatements be processed automatically, without manual intervention?Yes, automatic import of bankstatement from Azure can be set up in Extended Banking via batch processing.
  • Can transactions on electronic bankstatements be processed and assigned completely automatically?Yes, by using flexible set up search criteria, bankstatement transactions can be assigned and processed completely automatically.
  • How are automatically matched transactions evaluated by the user?The total score a transaction has collected, results in a color, by means of a ‘traffic light’ indication that is set up in parameters. Detailed matching results of each individual search value are stored and available for analysis by the user.
  • Can Extended Banking process bankstatements autonomically, without user interaction?Extended banking can be set up in an event-driven way, based on batch processes, where the user only has to pay attention to non automatically matched transactions.
  • How are non automatically posted transactions processed?Extended Banking has a specific overview form, where transactions can be assigned and and processed in a simple way by multiple employees simultaneously.
  • How is the financial posting of the bankstatement arranged?Bankstatements are always processed via a bridging account construction. Directly after the import, the bank journal entry is posted and matching will take place from the bridging account later on.
  • Can Extended Banking recognize transactions like iDeal/Paypal/Klarna/Afterpay/etc., so that they can be matched automatically?There is a specific search value, that can match customer transactions based on other information than the invoice number. This makes automatic recognition of such transactions possible.
  • Can Extended Banking recognize outgoing payments based on the account ‘Payments in transit’ ?Yes, a specific search value is available, that can automatically match those transactions based on the specific ID that is provided by the bank.
  • Are there possibilities for recognition of customer account numbers, even when they result from a sub system and are not the same as the customer account numbers in D365?Yes, a search value is available for recognition of ‘external’ customer numbers that can connect those to the D365 customer account numbers automatically.
  • On the bankstatement ‘daily totals’ are reported from debit card payments in our shops. Is Extended Banking capable of recognizing such total amounts?Yes, there is a search value that can identify such amounts and settle them against the corresponding open transaction on the related customer account for that shop.
  • On the bankstatement bulk payments are received. The details are on a separately received specification. Can Extended Banking do the detail matching based on such specifications?Processing external specifications is part of the standard possibilities in Extended Banking. Detail matching of bulk payments is therefore automated and does not need manual processing. 
  • We process large amounts of direct debit transactions when we invoice our customers. As a result, we have many direct debit reversal transactions. How are those processed?Processing reversal transactions is part of the Extended Banking Reversals pack. Recognition and processing, including reopening the invoice, is done automatically.

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