Extended Banking


What is Extended Banking

Extended Banking is Broad Horizons solution for fast, automated processing of digital bank statements. Extended Banking allows you to process your digital statements automatically and reduces the amount of rejected payments. Hereby, the individual processing of transactions has become a thing of the past. Transactions are processed without any manual interference. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Six reasons to choose Extended Banking

  1. Supports the most common bank statement formats MT940 and CAMT.053.
  2. Completely automated processing of bank statements is possible by making use of batch processing in combination with Azure storage.
  3. By using a bridging account, the bank balance is directly updated; settlements are processed from the bridging account.
  4. Search criteria are set up in a flexible way, so bank statement transactions are automatically assigned and processed. The reliability of the assignment is determined based on adjustable scores and colours.
  5. Puts the focus of the user on processing drop-outs, whilst the bulk of transactions is processed in the background automatically.
  6. Offers the possibility to manually process drop-out transactions with multiple persons simultaneously.

For more information about Extended Banking you can check this page.