Commercial Education for D365

Course administration, sales and marketing support for commercial educational activities (open enrollment and customization) within mainstream and commercial educational institutions.

What are the challenges

A labor market that is changing faster than ever requires flexible working methods from educational institutions. This has also a major impact on the recruitment of new students. A good relationship and cooperation with the business community, government and financial investors is essential. Increased competition and the decreasing funding from governments, make the marketing of commercial education a top priority. Commercial education is very often not well organized. In many cases, good insights into the turnover versus the actual invoiced costs is lacking. There is also little insight into the pipeline and the possibilities for cross and upsell.

What are the solutions

The solution for commercial education enables institutions to structure their commercial activities  and make them professional, transparent and transferable. Whether it concerns tailor-made training, dual-funded programs or open enrollment processes. This allows institutions to approach potential learners personally, gain insight into the pipeline and handle billing more efficiently. This solution creates a 360-degree view of the student (in his or her entire learning cycle) and of the institutions. Finally, the solution offers insight into the return per course (open registration and customization).